Water tanks and troughs

Water troughs and tanks are a key requirement in most water delivery, water storage or water management solutions and AGnVET Services provides a wide range of troughs and tanks to suit all requirements.

Water tanks

Whether it's on-farm, domestically or for civil, industrial or mining purposes, tanks are a key requirement in most water delivery, storage or management solutions. Tanks are a great insurance against disruption to your water supply system and crucial in any system design. AGnVET Services provides a wide range of tanks to suit any purpose:

  • Large rural tanks up to 45,000l in poly
  • Rural tanks up to 500,000l in poly lined galvanised steel or zincalume
  • Smaller urban poly and gal tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Cartage tanks of all types and functions
  • Larger tanks requiring on-site construction

AGnVET Services supplies water tanks in a range of sizes, shapes and styles in either poly or galvanised steel. The wide range of colours available means you can match many colorbond steel colours.

As agents for Bushmans Tanks, Clark Tanks, Rhino Tanks, and Southern Cross Tanks; the most trusted names in the industry; all tanks sold by AGnVET Services are made from high quality materials you can rely on in the toughest of Australian conditions. Many tanks come with up to 25 years warranty giving you a safe, long term investment.

If you need assistance on the type of tank for your situation, AGnVET Services can assist in selecting the right tank taking into consideration options including:

  • Squat, tall or slimline shape
  • Multi-inlets
  • Fertiliser and supplement tanks with curved internal bases
  • Thick wall linings
  • Underground tanks
  • Chemical tanks

AGnVET Services can also supply a range of tank stands and arrange delivery right across Australia for all size tanks up to 10,000 gallons.

Water troughs

AGnVET Services can supply a wide range of styles and sizes of troughs ranging from small pet waterers to large stock water points.

Troughs are available in either poly or concrete models and both options offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes from small circular troughs to large rectangular long line models.

You can also choose from the following options when selecting a trough:

  • Wall height
  • Wall thickness
  • Inlet size
  • Valve type
  • and, of course, volumetric size. 

Trough fittings

All troughs come with a range of fittings and valves to suit the particular environment on location ensuring low maintenance operation.

AGnVET Services can also arrange the design and installation of upstream components in any system and organise delivery of your selected trough.