Offering an extensive range of irrigation related products from leading manufacturers, AGnVET Services stocks all the right materials for, Pivot and lateral irrigation, Drip irrigation, Overhead spray irrigation, Fertigation and chemigation.

Irrigation can serve many purposes in Australia, from mining, industrial and civil applications right through to domestic, agriculture, horticulture and viticulture uses.

With pressure to increase water use efficiency, individuals and organisations are increasingly seeking efficient water delivery solutions. Irrigation provides smart, precise water distribution for:

  • Crops and pasture
  • Plants, trees, vines, fruit and vegetables
  • Frost and heat protection
  • Public gardens, parks and streetscapes
  • Sporting and recreation venues
  • Dust suppression
  • Washing down facilities
  • Watering of domestic gardens

Whether you need a complete system or individual poly pipes and fittings, sprinklers and valves or water tanks and pumps, drop into the nearest AGnVET store for all of your irrigation supplies and advice.