Machinery and Harvesting

AGnVET has you covered from farm equipment to an extensive range of Harvest and Grain storage and Handling products.

With a number of different Corn Fronts available (Mais Star, Mais Star Horizon, Rota Disc, Horizon Star II), AGnVET can provide Geringhoff maize headers customised to suit your requirements.. Reliable, highly efficient, sturdy, and well-thought-out down to the last detail, you will achieve great productivity and exceptional yields by choosing Geringhoff.

Download product brochures:

Geringhoff - Mais Star* | Mais Star* Horizon

Geringhoff - Rota Disc | Horizon Star II

For more details contact your local AGnVET branch or our Machinery specialist, Kris Cowled at

Our expansive range of Grain storage & Handling products covers, Grain bags & Machinery, Augers, Field Bins and Silos

So whether your after baling twine, silage wrap or grain storage solutions talk to AGnVET Services.

For more information please contact your local AGnVET branch.

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