Changes to registrations of 2,4-D containing products

This information is a summary of the recent changes to the stewardship around products containing 2,4-D.


  • VC (Very Coarse droplets).
  • DO NOT SPRAY in inversion conditions.
  • Mandatory buffer zones for aquatic and non-target applications.
  • Mandatory record keeping, with greater detail that the operator will have to update within 24 hours of application and keep the records for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Wind speed, Wind direction, Weather conditions and Delta T.


  • Refers to applications in Cereals, Fallow & Summer spraying between October 1st and April 15th.
  • This is best practice but NOT mandatory at the moment.
  • Use Nozzles that produce UC (Ultra Coarse) or XC (Extremely Course) droplets.
  • Use higher water volumes/ha.
  • Slower application speeds to allow operations at lower boom height.

Please follow this link to take you to the download page for the 49 page document of the changes GRDC spray application and spray drift link