AGnVET and ZOETIS Bonus Offer

Zoetis in conjunction with AGnVET Services are providing a free vaccine gun, vaccine pouch and drench gun with the Zoetis 100-Day Plan from AGnVET Services.

The first 100 days of a lamb’s life are when they are at the highest risk of disease and death. Give your lambs the best start in life and optimise your weaning percentages and overall lamb performance with the Zoetis 100-Day Plan from AGnVET Services.


  • Earn DOUBLE BIG BUCKS REWARDS when you purchase your lamb marking requirements with AGnVET this July & August.
  • Earn TRIPLE BIG BUCKS REWARDS if you purchase your weaning requirements at the same time.


  • Buy 1500 doses of Glanvac 6S B12 and receive a FREE vaccine pouch.


  • Buy 1500 doses Glanvac 6S B12 + 1500 doses of Eryvac and receive a FREE vaccine pouch + 1 x 1mL Quickshot vaccinator.


  • Buy 1500 doses Glanvac 6S B12 + 1500 doses of Eryvac + 15L of Startect and receive a FREE vaccine pouch + 1 x 1mL Quickshot vaccinator + 1 x 20mL drench gun.

To claim the giveaway, complete the order form provided below and discuss with your local AGnVET Animal Health specialist.

Download Order Form 

*Applicable for sales of 1500 doses of Glanvac 6S B12, Eryvac or Startect.