AGnVET Footy Tipping Competition

The AGnVET Footy Competition is on again, bigger and better than ever and it's FREE! There will be over $3600 in cash prizes up for grabs across 3 competitions, NRL, AFL & Super Rugby.

To get started go to and search one of the competitions below (or use the link provided). Then enter the password provided to join the comp. New participants will need to join as a new member

For further information just ask one of our freindly staff at you local AGnVET Services, AGnVET Agribusiness, IK Caldwell, Darling Irrigation, Wheelhouse Group or Howard Martin Stores.



Competition Name: AGnVET NRL

Join Competition

Password: avsnrl


Competition Name: AGnVET ARL

Join Competition

Password: avsarl


Competition Name: AGnVET Rugby

Join Competition

Password: avsrugby



WIN Over $3600 in cash prizes!

Prizes for each competition

1st Prize - $500
2nd prize - $250
3rd Prize - $125
Highest Ranking Customer - $200
Longest Winning Streak - $150
Wooden Spoon - $25 

Prize Allocation

At the end of the competition the tipsters with the highest scores will be declared the winners for 1st 2nd & 3rd prizes. The Wooden Spoon is awarded to last place. 

Highest Ranking Customer

At the end of competition, the highest ranking customer from each competition will receive $200 prize money ($600 total).

Longest Winning Streak

The ‘Streak’ is determined by how many winning tips you can place in a row. You can tip as many or as little games per round as you would like - the trick is to only tip on games you are completely confident in.
To tip in ‘Streak’ go to the ‘Tipping’ tab in the top menu bar, select your sport, then under the ‘Game’ drop-down menu select ‘Streak’. You can undo a tip by clicking the ‘X’ to the left of each game. When you do tip a message saying ‘Tip Submitted’ will appear as confirmation.
The ‘Longest Winning Streak’ prize is awarded to the tipster with the longest streak at the completion of the competition

Bonus Points

1 Bonus point is awarded to tipsters who tip a perfect round throughout the competition.

Joker Round

Tipsters are allocated 1 ‘Joker Round’. Once played, the joker will double the score for the round it is used on.
You can choose your joker round by using the ‘Set Joker’ button which appears above the competition ladder on the ‘Ladder’ tab.

What if I forget to put my tips in?

Tipsters will receive the away teams for any game that has not been tipped, but there is a maximum score of 5 points a player can get for this.