Buy 2 x 25ltr Extinosad Pour-On & Receive 4 Woolpacks FREE

When you buy 2 x 25ltr Extinosad Pour-on you'll also receive 4 Woolpacks free of charge. Offer exclusive to AGnVET & IK Caldwell customers and available until October 31st 2016.

  • Starts killing lice within hours of contact (1)
  • Unique mode of action kills lice like no other (2)
  • No known field resistance
  • Off-shears suckling lambs (unshorn)
  • and long wool sheep.

6 months off-shears, guarantee* 

Exclusive to AGnVET Services and IK Caldwell Stores for August to the end of October 2016. Big Bucks Rewards available at AGnVET stores only. Limited to a maximum of 50 woolpacks per client.

*Visit for terms and conditions. References: (1) Levot, G. (2008). Aust. J of Ent. 47, 251–255. (2) Cisneros, J. et al. (2002). Toxic effects of spinosad on predatory insects. Biological Control 23, 156–163.