Strathview Ram Sale

Strathview will be offering rams in the top 1 per cent of the maternal traits on LambPlan index and will include performance recorded Coopworth genetics imported from New Zealand as well as easy care composites. These rams are used in first cross and self replacing flocks.

Strathview Genetics offer superior lamb productivity through higher fertility, growth rates and efficient ewes that can produce and feed fast growing lambs suitable to multiple markets


The on-property ram sale is on Tuesday, October 8 at “Strathview”, Henty.

Sale Starts at 12pm with inspection from 10am.

Helmsman Selling System 


Enquiry before the auction contact:

Tim Lubke (Stud Principle) - 0427 693 056

Adrian O’Brien – AGnVET Livestock Agent – 0427 351 773


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